This newly designed website, I hope, is even easier to navigate. There are two blog sections; the Forecasts page is dedicated archiving my emailed forecasts. The other, Discussion, is more general. I hope to offer posts that are topical; some posts related to Global Climate Change can be found in the archives. If there is a particular topic on which you would like me to opine, please let me know in an email or comment. In the About section, you can find a short biography. In the Donate section, you can find how to help be defray the costs of getting the forecasts, preparing them, and disseminating them, if that is something you would like to do. This is your space, and I want it to to meet your needs. The focus will be on hurricane forecasts for the general public, government, and businesses and what your needs are. If you would like subscribe to the email forecasts, head over to the Subscribe section.




The caveat that appears on the bottom of the forecasts also applies here. No FSU resources are or may be used for this website. FSU neither wants the blame nor the credit and takes no responsibility for the content.

Peter Ray, Ph.D and Professor