Tropical Storm Bonnie and the Deep Horizon Well

My understanding is that pretty much all activity around the Deep Horizon Well has ceased, and most if not all ship have reported to port and safe harbor.  Now that the well has been capped, the impact of this is pretty much just to delay the final "kill" by a few days.  I presume the reason for this has to do with the sea state.  That is, the higher the winds in a storm the bigger the waves are likely to be.  And large waves and ships do not go together well.   Wave height is the difference in the height of the wave trough to the wave height.  Given my projected wind speeds of 40 to 45 mph, I would expect waves heights to be in the 20-25 foot range, clearly quite rough seas.    While big ships can survive such waves, it would be nearly impossible to conduct meaningful operations. On the ocean floor,  what is going on at the surface can be felt but the effect is much muted and should not have any effect on the well head.

Florida should not get more oil from this, since what is more likely is to push what oil there is more into Louisiana and at this point, to  do a thorough job of mixing the upper layers of the ocean/oil mix.   Natural processes of eliminating the oil have had almost a week now without the addition of more oil.  This is a good thing, even though the deleterious effects of the oil maybe felt in some cases for several years.