When we think of tribes, we might think of the Apache, Sioux, Seminole, Cherokee etc,  or we might think of the different Ethnic groups in Afghanistan, the Pashtun, Tajiks, Hazaras, etc, or the Sunni and the Shi’a in Iraq, the Jews and the Palestinians, etc.   We implore, “Why can’t they just get along?” I take a rather pessimistic view.  They can’t.  Large groups, like oil, find it difficult to be homogenous.  It is socially, structurally, unstable  for people, and the whole animal kingdom. Think of it, lions have prides,  shrewdness of apes, and chimps have gangs of chimps, birds, a murder of crows, school of fish.  We have fraternities, and denomination in faith.  But the question resounds: “Why can’t they just get along?”

And if the Indians of yore did,  the religious sects in Iraq did, and the tribes in Afghanistan did, the world would surely be a better place.  But they don’t and I believe that they never will, except superficially, at best.

But before we are too hard on them – over there, lets look at ourselves. (always a good idea  - you know -  take the log out of your own eye first thing).

We are governed by two political parties that seem to largely agree on one thing, to disagree.  Sadly, very sadly, most are Republicans  first or Democrats first, and Americans second.  That is a very harsh condemnation.  For to disagree on issues genuinely is commendable, but to disagree uniformly on the basis of party affiliation and the quest for more personal power is deplorable. It is both parties. It is important to note not every elected official is that way, only most.  Most politicians must be aware of the apparent fact that if you are not that way, your term in office is usually short.  There we get at the motivational factor of observed behavior – career politicians.

Fore example, what is being done about Social Security before it is a HUGE crisis. Nothing.  Yet the solutions NOW are relatively painless, and later, truly painful.

What is being done about immigration reform and border protection.  Words, words, words, and nothing. Why?  Because both sides really like the mess it is!  The Democrats like the prospect of a largely favorable Latino electorate if there ever is amnesty or an easier path to citizenship.   The more the merrier, so open up the borders.   The Republicans like the cheap labor illegal immigrants provide to businesses.  If I were wrong, then solutions would be found, such as controlling our borders and an orderly process of work visas, but instead we get a lot of posturing and minimal efforts to appease a snookered public, crafted so as to not interfere with what both sides really want, the status quo. The driving force of policy is either money or votes.  The Democrats win, the Republicans win, and America looses.

In the mean time, brave, super brave young men and women are dying is Afghanistan so that our well-fed leaders can safely pontificate and accomplish little on the many very crucial issues that desperately need action.