Most importantly, I want to state that no donations are requested or required for any services that I will provide. But a number of individual and businesses have expressed their desire to monetarily show the value and appreciation for my efforts. Personal circumstances now compel me to be more receptive and appreciative of those who wish to help me financially to bring the best forecast products I can to everyone, regardless of their ability or desire to donate. Any help, no matter how small, does make a difference in underwriting the cost. So, it is with humility and even some embarrassment that I now will accept donations. They can be made by cash, check or paypal. If you wish to donate, my address is:

Dr. Peter Ray
7030 Heritage Ridge Road
Tallahassee, Florida 32312

Via Paypal:

Single Time Donation:

Recurring Donation:

Please know that, as appreciative as I am for donations, I am even more appreciative of the opportunity to serve each of you. And paid or free, I promise you the same level of commitment and service.

Peter Ray

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