HURRICANE KATIA and TD/TS LEE 9/5/2011 10am

Colleagues, Internet service has been out, although promised to be restored. This accounts for the delay. The forecasts are really doing what was forecast from the beginning, even though I didn't anticipated what LEE specifically was going to do for sure; it was such a disorganized collection of storms for so long. FORECAST: HURRICANE KATIA will not hit any land or island. It will by the end of the week have passed NC and Bermuda and be headed NE for scones.There still is the possibility of rain along the Central NE Seaboard, and rip currents. ans KATIA will strengthen some to a low Cat 3 or a strong cat 2. MSW of over 100 mph. So rough surf. TD/TS Lee is about to leave Louisiana, but putting down a lot of rain in Mississippi and Alabama and the FL Panhandle. The Gulf shore regions, while battered, seemed to survive fairly well, although the seas were pretty choppy. This whole area of Mississippi, Alabama and the Panhandle of Florida will be getting intermittent heavy rain through much of the week as LEE moves slowly NE. The east cost will get more rain from that whole frontal system as it moves to intercept KATIA. But it is safe to say that North Carolina is getting off well, all things considered. They can thank LEE and the front for that.

DISCUSSION: KATIA will head NE ad swing North and eventually NE as the front that embraces LEE move in to give the needed final push. Too bad LEE didn't go West into to Texas where it would have received a very warm Texas "HOWDY!" and welcome.

NEXT FORECAST: Tuesday morning

New Blog has been posted on on Strom Surge, Storm Tide (surge + astronomical tide.) and High Water Mark (Storm Tide + Wave Height) Note Storm tide could be lower than Storm Surge on with a Low Tide.

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