Tropical Storm Beryl 6:00am 5/27/2012

Colleagues, Still 5 days until the official start of the 2012 Hurricane season and we have used up two perfectly good names. Monday, please pause to remember ALL those who we have lost, particularly the sons, fathers, brothers, husbands, who have died so that we might picnic, swim, and enjoy family and friends. Those lost leave a huge hole in the world and even more so in their families, which will never be the same. All losses, whatever the cause, are profound, personal, and lasting.

FORECAST: If you live in NE Florida or SE Georgia, you will likely get your lawn watered sometime the next 2 days. Further up the Atlantic coast through North Carolina, there will be coastal rain with moderately high surf and potentially dangerous rip tides. Winds will be similar to that of locally strong thunderstorms. Rain - not to much west of Tallahassee and rain most likely late Monday.

DISCUSSION: Beryl, and Alberto, were hardly the definition of a Tropical Storm, but do share some of the characteristics. Beryl is off the Jacksonville coast and will slowly move inland, mainly somewhat windy and with some rain. Beryl will move west just north of I-10 until just east of Lake City where it will abruptly move to the NE and head up the coast where it will re-intensify some, but never become a classical Tropical Storm or hurricane. Elevated surf levels, rip tides and coastal rain will accompany Beryl through Wednesday night up through North Carolina.

NEXT FORECAST: Monday morning, Memorial Day

Peter Ray

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