[hurricane-forecast] Hurricane HUMBERTO 9/12/2013 5:30 am

Friends, Nothing to worry about (hurricane-wise). FORECAST: Hurricane HUMBERTO is headed NNW at 13 mph and with winds of 85mph. Tomorrow it will turn toward the west and weaken to a tropical storm again. Future for HUMBERTO looks bleak. It will continue to weaken and next week turn again toward the north. On question is will it still even be a tropical storm when that happens, probably not. NO threat to any land. DISCUSSION: HUMBERTO was classified a hurricane 3 hours before it could have set a record as being the latest first hurricane of the season. We have A LOT of catching up to do to meet all the predictions of hurricanes as we slide into an ever decreasing probability of hurricanes. Hurricane HUMBERTO is essentially over. The gulf in general and the Bay of Campeche in particular have all season long been conducive to storm development. These storms seem to acquire the status of tropical storms just before sliding into Mexico where they produce rain and mudslides. It looks like this will be repeated once again. NEXT FORECAST: Tomorrow, Friday, September 13 Peter Ray DISCLAIMER: The Florida State University required that I not use any FSU equipment to send out these forecasts. To comply, I have purchased my own computer for making and sending these forecasts. I have been touched by the many offers of encouragement and support that I have received. I am deeply indebted to the Secretary and the staff of the Department of Children and Families who value these forecasts for the citizens of Florida. Also to the firm Hayes Computer Systems, which set up the distribution software and is providing for the distribution of these forecasts at no cost. They are very professional and competent. I acknowledge that these forecasts are mine alone, by my own effort and initiative. I only try to provide the best possible forecasts for the community, and the State of Florida and now, surrounding states at no cost to those who receive it. NEW BLOG AND DONATIONS: I have set up a website and blog which may be reached at URL http://www.hurricanehunt.com In this website you can find the forecast, as well as a blog of expanded interests of mine dealing with weather and climate and hurricanes, and an opportunity for you to comment as well. There is also an opportunity for you to contribute to defraying the increasing costs of maintaining this service, if and only if you want to. This must always be a not for profit public service and free as long as I have anything to do with it. But I have had offers of help in the past and it is increasingly difficult for me to underwrite all the cost, even with the generous and gracious support form Hayes Computer Systems. SUBSCRIPTIONS: Please do NOT send subscription messages to hurricane-forecasts@lists.hcs.net. To subscribe or unsubscribe to the hurricane forecast list send an email to hurricane-forecast-request@lists.hcs.net with "subscribe" or "unsubscribe" as the subject. You can manage your subscription at: http://lists.hcs.net/mailman/listinfo/hurricane-forecast_lists.hcs.net If someone wishes to contact me, they can send an email to hurricanehunter007@gmail.com. Peter S. Ray _______________________________________________ hurricane-forecast mailing list hurricane-forecast@lists.hcs.net http://lists.hcs.net/mailman/listinfo/hurricane-forecast_lists.hcs.net